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IMG_22072017_114433_0During my formative years I used Quick Test Professional, Winrunner, Silktest and Rational Robot in Testing. In my opinion, test automation is a variant of robotic process automation, except that it is very specific to software testing. One of the client engagements that we started last year introduced us to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using the Automation Anywhere platform.

Albeit I was able to appreciate the productivity improvements we experienced during that time, I felt scripting experience would be immensely helpful in using RPA tools. Interestingly, I came across a Forrester report on RPA published in February 2017 which exactly echoed my thoughts. Here is what it says:

“Forrester counts 38 RPA product vendors, but there are even more — over 50 and counting -professional service firms that deliver RPA. It’s easy to see why: Design environments to build robots, while improving, quickly drop to programming and script languages. And identifying use cases to robotize and setting up reporting, controls, and governance are new challenges. As a result, a diverse professional services landscape has emerged with large business services firms and RPA specialists.”

While functional knowledge of the RPA software used for implementation is important, scaling the RPA software to integrate with the existing technology stack requires strong technical skills. Keep visiting this space to know more about how Zuci helps its customers on Robotic Process Automation.  Also, post SHABD, our voice based test generator platform, Zuci’s supremely talented team of technical professionals are working on building “ZUBOT,” our artificial Intelligence powered test automation assistant that takes you beyond “test automation”.